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Our vision is to identify and nurture unique talent

Our Mission
AbsolutDedication LDA is a Portuguese based recruitment agency, company number 514 779 640. Our mission is to provide an appropriately skilled, dedicated and competent talent pool that meets organisational norms and values or global benchmarks for human capital needs.
Our Vision
Our vision is to identify and nurture the unique talent in everyone and direct it
to the most rewarding career, entrepreneurial or life opportunity. We aim in the near future to expand our sector by not only offering employment opportunities to the health sector but other employment sectors as well on a global scale.
Immediate Agenda
We are at present, robustly targeting recruitment of healthcare personnel from Portugal and the European union intending to take up work in the United Kingdom as we have Employers who have tasked us with filling various UK health sector positions.

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Absolut Recruitment has a team to serve employers and candidates to ensure their needs are met.

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